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If you have a child; please teach them to SWIM and explain WATER SAFETY or enroll them in swimming classes.  And those blow up arm floaters are not 100% in saving someone that can’t swim.  I just get very upset when I hear the stories about kids drowning.  Just very sadlearn to swim

My pool outing was cut short today due to the weather but being I’m a weather junkie I planned for it and still go both of my water workouts in! It’s true, exercise does eventually make you feel good.



RIP Maya Angelou…. Thank you for all your teachings and wise words; they will live forever. I live by what Maya said …. “when people show you who they are, believe them” and “nothing will work unless you do.”

When someone shows you that they are a “snake”; believe them.  When someone shows you that they are on your side, believe them.  Too often we make excuses for people.  Give them too many chances to redeem themselves.  You just have to understand what Maya is telling you; she saying simply; just believe them and accept them for who they are.

My Dad was a hardworking man.  He may have “called in” sick (and that was me doing the calling since my parents are deaf) once/twice in his working career.  He always told me work hard and your life will be easy, work if it is easy or hard needs to be done, if you don’t do the work – trust me someone else will.  Whenever I see the quote from Maya Angelou “nothing will work unless you do” – it always strikes up in my heart conversations that I have had with my Father about work and life.



It can be very hard at times but the power of positive thinking is a must.

“There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind. ” — Napoleon Bonaparte


Think on this  >>>>>> Without adversity a person hardly knows whether they are honest or not. – Henry Fielding


I’m having a great Sunday.  I went to mass and the message was on point.  The 2nd reading was 1 Peter 3.15-18.  My take away; be prepared to answer why you have hope and don’t worry about those who defame you (it will be handled in its own way).


I was up before my boyfriend Keurig!



I love coffee!  And I love my Keurig!  For a long time I didn’t drink coffee but my dear beloved cousin Doug showed me the light.  Coffee is the start to a perfect day with two tablespoons of sugar free sweet Italian creamer.


I love my sticky notes!  It’s true, I really do love them.  Everyone thought that Mary Jane from BET’s TV show “Being Mary Jane” was the original sticky note queen; think again.  I really like sticky notes for reminders but mostly importantly for motivational messages not only for myself but for others.  Whenever something strikes me, I see something that I will need to inspire me later, or message that strikes an accord for someone in my life; I pull out the sticky notes and write it down.  I’ve been known to leave them on my car dash, office door at work; common work entrances/exits, on my computer monitor, others computer monitors and more.  So I encourage you to get a stack of sticky notes and remind yourself this “I care very much about what I think what I do; that is character” – Theodore Roosevelt.

sticky note

Started my lifestyle change on Saturday …… may I have the willpower to continue for the betterment of myself and my family.  “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline”.  2 Timothy 1:7


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“For those that like to stir the pot, you should know what you are cooking before you get burned!”

I found over time most of the “stir the pot” people otherwise known as manipulative people are pretty unhappy.  I choose happy.


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