Old School 105.3 & Praise 100.9/92/7

Charlotte, NC


Program Director

(7/14- current)




Greenville, SC


Program Director

(10/13- 3/14)

January 2014 Arbitron Trend #1 12 plus with a 12.4; #1 25-54 with 15.0.

Fall 2013 Arbitron #1 12 plus, #1 25-54 with share points at its highest since 2012.

ARB trends showed wonderful growth and steady incline.

Utilized local talent to a full capacity with talent coaching and programming training.

I Implemented new forms of research, programming clocks, imaging and on air structure.

I was responsible for the placement of DL Hughley’s syndication program for the afternoon drive.

Worked closely with sales team on creative projects that benefited sales, promotions and programming.

Worked closely with promotional team for lifestyle and creative promotions.

Responsible for music scheduling and inventory management.

Increased social media platforms.

Coordinated Summit Serves Greenville Community Service platform.

Responsible for promo scripts and supervised production.



Greenville, SC


Program Director

(5/13- 3/14)

January 2014 Arbitron Trend #1 18-34

In one ratings book  I converted HOT to #1 18-34 in the Summer for 2013 with the highest shares since 2011.

Coached the talent for the entire HOT 981 team with a teamwork approach to programming.

Increased the use and importance of social media among the staff and upgraded website appeal.

Implemented new forms of research, programming clocks, imaging and on air structure.

Personally guided the talent to convert from structured on air approach to personality radio.

Worked closely with promotions for creative promotional projects for on air use.

Increased street/community presence for the station.

Worked closely with sales team on creative projects that benefited sales, promotions and programming.

Worked closely with promotional team for lifestyle, creative promotions.

Responsible for music scheduling and inventory management.

Responsible for promo script writing and supervised production.

Created out of the box weekends.

Generated top notch station imaging.


Afternoon Personality

(7/13- 3/14)

After one month on mid day drive; switched to afternoon drive to increase talent level.

Since taking over afternoons; the show went #1 18-34 in afternoon drive; hitting shares in the 20’s – highest trend in September with 29.9.

Instantly afternoon drive was personality driven.

Believed in total connection with listeners in person, on air and thru social media.

Totally in the know with pop culture with a strong daily prep regimen.

Constantly improving my craft.

Responsible for daily production; extensive knowledge of Vox Pro and Adobe Audition.


Mid Day Personality

(6/13- 7/13)

Immediately injected personality into mid day drive.

Creative branding with commercial free hours.

Quick involvement with listeners at work.



Birmingham, Alabama


Program Director


Assistant Program Director


Overall Arbitron Rated #1 18-34 for 52 ratings periods

Honored with the National Association of Broadcasters Service to America for children award 2012.

Honored with the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Nomination 2012.

Alabama Broadcasters Associations Radio Station of the Year 2012.

In 2011 WBHJ was ranked #2 in the nation in the Urban format.

Counseled, coached and trained on air talent.

Implemented a fresh approach to on air liners and scheduled on air promos.

Enhanced the street level presence.

Integrated the change to the automation system smoothly.

Required minimal supervision.

Thrived on increased responsibility.


Meteorologist/Weather Producer


Anchored wall to wall weather and news coverage during severe weather situations for entire cluster

Produced all weather updates from Chief Meteorologist

Responsible for connecting the audience to crucial safety recommendations

Responsible for all severe weather updates for social media sites

Demonstrated forecasting skill during the April 27, 2011 Tornado outbreak

Organized collection drives for those in need from the April 27, 2011 Tornado outbreak

In 2012 teamed with ABC 33/40 for the “Do you have a plan” programmed and assisted in issuing over 400 free weather alert systems


Music Director


Responsible for music programming and scheduling.

Established new tools to provide the music department with first hand research information.

Kept abreast of latest musical and research information.

Prepared weekly materials for programming department’s decisions on the musical aspect of the station.


Mid-day On Air Personality


Consecutively Mid-day’s is Arbitron rated #1 18-34 since 1999

Fall 2012 18-34 with 18.4 Share ranking #1

Worked closely with community organizations and was a leader in monthly community service hours.

Alabama Broadcasters Association Personality of the Year 2008


WALJ/105.1 JAMZ                            

Tuscaloosa, AL


Program Director


105.1 JAMZ is a simulcast of 957 JAMZ but with separate branding.

Worked closely with Apex Broadcasting in simulcast launch.

Worked closely with Wide Orbit to launch the simulcast with split audio to brand both stations.

Worked closely with Promotions Director to keep the balance between the promotional mindset in both markets

Within first full ratings period station was #1 18-34 and maintained that position during my stay there.

Ensured that Tuscaloosa issues were addressed. Completed quarterly issues report.



WKLS/Rock 105.9/Rock 98.3

Anniston, AL


On Air Personality                                           


Assisted owner in the music developmental process before the format launched.

Created launch playlist by research of the vast rock format.

Worked closely with Program Director on creative approach for the launch.

Afternoon drive personality – by voice tracking process.

Utilized voice talents to the clusters commercial production work.


WAGG/Heaven 610 AM

Birmingham, Alabama


Program Director


Overall Arbitron Rated #1 rated AM station 12 plus;

Arbitron’s 3rd highest rank in market for TSL; Summer 2009

This was the first book since Halleluiah (FM) changed its format.

WAGG saw ratings double from the Fall Book 2009

Main station of choice to reach an audience of 35 plus.

Arbitrend May 2007 25/54 3.0 Share – 13:45 TSL.

Accountable for daily programming and operational duties.

Followed the Cox Radio, Inc. strategic plans.

Responsible for music programming and scheduling.

Shaped a new musical/programming clocks with a innovative approach to liners and promos.

Coordinated music/programming conference with consultant.

Constructed imaging that generated awareness of WAGG.

Coordinated via the promotions team a positive community presence.

Worked with the On Air Staff with meetings and review sessions.

Instrumental with Sales team in promoting and increase revenue.



Greensboro, North Carolina


On Air Personality


Mid-day’s Arbitron Rated #1 18-34 Fall 98


Music Director


Responsible for music programming and scheduling.

Coordinated weekly research and evaluated audience research.


Image Director


Market leader for creative and on the edge “on-air” promos.

Wrote, created, and produced image defining promos in a timely manner.


Production Director


Communicated with staff to ensure completion of assigned production materials.

Worked in an organized manner to ensure traffic and continuity matters operated smoothly.


WHJX/Hot 101.5

Jacksonville, Florida


On Air Personality


Mid-days 12+ jumped from 10th to 2nd, 18 – 34 moved from 10th to 3rd, women 25 – 54 from 12th to 1st

#1 in teens with a 530% increase (Winter ARB 1993)

Part of the team that took over the Arbitron rated #1 position from the legendary WAPE.


Music Director


Responsible for music programming and scheduling.

Heavily involved with record research, in store surveys, and club research.




Orlando, Florida


On Air Personality


Weekend On Air personality and daily production matters.


Promotional Assistant


Developed, set-up, and executed appearances at numerous client and community promotions.

Acted as a liaison with Orlando area tourist attractions and entertainment facilities – (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and etc.)



Daytona Beach, Florida


Program Director


Under my leadership WBCC won 1992 Black College Radio Station of the Year!

Effectively managed the college student team and supervised the overall operation of the station.

Implemented new programming and rotations.

On-Air Personality (9/88- 5/92), News Director (8/90-5/91), PSA Director (8/89-5/90)




Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida

Bachelor of Arts/Mass Communications (1992)

Mississippi State University Starkville, MS

Broadcast Meteorology Program – Certified Meteorologist (2009)

Bachelor of Science/Geosciences (2011)

Community Organizations:


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc

Psi OmicronOmega, Alabaster, AL – 12- present

Phi Iota Omega, Birmingham, AL – 99-12

Beta Iota Omega, Greensboro, NC – 97-99

MORE Reading Program

Worked closely with the school system and 4th grade classrooms in Birmingham, AL to promote reading and retaining information.

Saving Our Daughters Birmingham, AL

Initiator of the Birmingham outlet for the Saving Our Daughters platform


Sista Friends Birmingham, AL

Chairperson of the organization to guide young women into a bright future.



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